Latest Products Latest Products Fri, 17 Sep 2021 01:20:08 +0530 en-us Meter Testing Unit Sat, 08 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Giri Trading Company  Manufacturers all type of electiccal testing equipments which Meter test becnch. High Voltage Test Set Sat, 08 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Giri Trading Hi-Pot tester HVT series offer wide range of test voltages to determine the withstand capacity of electrical insulation for the normally occurring over voltage transient’s .This series has models which can generate both AC & DC Voltages to eliminate need of two separate kits. The manual / motorized controlled operation provides continuous variable output voltage. The Kits are provided with selectable tripping current to identify breakdown voltage of different test objects. The timer is useful to set duration of test period. HV indication & overload protection provided for safety of operator & Kit.   The HVT is used to verify quality of insulation between any equipments current carrying components & its enclosure or insulation. The high voltage is applied to insulation of equipment under test, as defined as per voltage rating of equipment. The resulting leakage current flowing through its insulation is measured. The set will give trip command if exceeded than its predefined value.   Features Continuously variable motorized/manual output from zero voltage Panel mounted controls and LED indicators. Analog/Digital voltmeter & Ammeter-for easy to read voltage and current Output voltmeter with memory effect-easy to read the voltage after trip Selectable trip current   Application Power Utilities, Substations Transformer, Generator, switch gear testing and Cable testing Domestic appliance testing   Standard Accessories Mains wires 3 cores, 4 meter long. Inter connecting cable 5 meter long. Discharge rod for DC range. Instruction manual.   Safety Specification : Zero start interlock. Audio & Visual alarms. Fast acting over load circuit breaker. Primary Injection Test Set Sat, 08 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Giri Trading make Primary Current Injection Kit (PE-PIK) is well suited to check the operation of all the components in a circuit breaker including Current Transformer, current sensors, relays and tripping unit performance of circuit breakers.   Application Giri Trading make Primary Current Injection Kits are used to test Circuit Breakers, Bus Bars, CTs, Relays, MCBs, MCCBs etc. These are also used for high current injection during commissioning of protection systems and after major repairs and cornponent replacernent in power substations.   Features Single compact unit equipment for easy operation. The kit is designed to offer continuously variable output current. Built in Digital timer for measuring tripping time. Digital meter of Accuracy class 0.5% or better and with LED display for Displaying input voltage 8, output currents. The kit is having adequate MCB protection to protect from overloads.   Accessories Out put cable : One pair of copper flexible cable each of 3 Mts long duly fixed with Heavy Duty Crocodile Clip and Copper lugs or as per customer requirement. Instruction Manual. Calibration Report. Warranty Card   Display /Metering A Digital Ammeter of 96*48 mm size having accuracy class 0.5 or better to measure output current. 1 No. Digital Voltmeter 96*48 mm size with Accuracy class 0.5 or better to measure input voltage. Inbuilt digital time interval meter with range from 0.0001sec. to 9999 sec. to measure tripping time. Secondary Injection Test Set Sat, 08 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Giri Trading make Relay Test Set (PE-RTS) is a portable equipment, which is designed to check the operating characteristics of protective devices. Protective devices such as relays in the system are installed to deal with various fault conditions and its failure to operate correctly can cause serious damage to substations causing plant shutdown or power outgoes resulting in financial losses.   Application To check all types of Electromagnetic relays like Over current, Earth Fault, Over voltage, Under Voltage and other relays to ensure smooth and fault free operations in plants and power substations.   Features Single compact unit equipment suitable for field as well as workshop application. Offer specified out put current selectable and continuously variable. Digital Meter with LED display to measure output currents and voltages Built in 1 no Digital Time interval meter having range from 0.0001 sec. to 9999 sec. Auto cut off facility to cut off output on operation of device under test. Housed in powder coated steel cabinet with all the control   Accessories Instruction Manual. Output connecting cables. Mains cord. Calibration report. Warranty Card   Metering/ Display 1 No digital AC Ammeter with LED display to measure output current. 1 No. digital AC voltmeter with LED display to measure AC output voltage. 1 No digital DC voltmeter with LED display to measure DC. output voltage. 1 No Digital Time Interval Meter having Range from 0.0001 sec. to 99% sec with LED display. Protection and Safety AUTO cut off Facility The set is provided facilities to cut off the output when the Relay under test is tripped Fuse protection provided for overload protections. Transformer Oil Test Set Sat, 08 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Giri Trading make Oil Test Set is a single unit compact equipment to measure the dielectric strength of insulating oils of transformers and circuit breakers.   Application The Oil test method is intended for the acceptance of new insulating oils at the time of their delivery, it is applicable, in principle , to all classes of new and used oils for transformer, circuit breakers , oil-filled cables and capacitors.   Features Oil Test Set is suitable for conducting oil breakdown test as outlined in IS 6792 :1992. Continuously variable out put voltages. A Linear scaled A.C. rectifier Voltmeter marked kV to measure output voltage. The out put voltmeter is with memory effect i.e even after HT supply trips off due to the failure of equipment under test the voltmeter continues to show the voltage at which test piece has failed. Test Cup with cover is made of Methyle Methacrylate (ACRYLIC) having oil between 300 and 500 ml, with adjustable and removable mushroom head and ground to adjust the Electrode gap distance. Motorized cum Manual operation. Powder coated steel cabinet with heavy duty handles.   Electrodes and principle of the breakdown test The copper, brass, bronze or stainless steel polished electrodes shall be either spherical (12.5mm to 13.0 mm diameter) or spherical surface of the shape and dimension as mentioned in the figure. The electrodes are mounted on a horizontal axis and 2.5 mm apart. The gap between them shall set to an accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm by means of thickness gauges. The axis of the electrodes is immersed to a depth of approximately 40 mm. estthe test consists in applying to the electrodes an increasing AC voltage. The rate of increase of voltage being uniform and equal to approximately 2kV/s, starting from Zero up to the value producing breakdown.   The breakdown voltage is the voltage reached during the test at the time the first spark occurs between electrodes, whether it be transient or established.   WHY DIELECTRIC STRENGTH TEST ? Oil has been used as an insulating medium in transformer for over one hundred years .From the earliest days of transformer design , oil has been recognized as being as efficient coolant with high flash point , and high electrical strength .Oil can be used in equipment for a long time if adequately maintained.    Many factors can lead to a weakening of the insulation properties of oil. Oil degradation takes place due to Oxidation, Acids, Sludge, Gas and Water Absorption. These Processes Change The Electrical Properties Of The Oil , Which Can Be Seen From Dielectric Strength Test. Not Conducting Periodical Di Electrical Test May Reduce The Life Of The Transformer /circuit Breaker   TEST CUP Quick acting D.C. relay to isolate the H.T. Test Cup with cover is made of Methyle Methacrylate (ACRYLIC) having oil between 300 and 500m1, with adjustable and removable mushroom head and ground to adjust the Electrode gap distance   Accessories Test cell with Electrodes. Instructions Manual. Warranty Card. Calibration Certificate. (MFG) Test cell with Electrodes.